May 14-29, 2022-Online Training-Pacific Standard Time Zone

May 14-29, 2022-Online Training-Pacific Standard Time Zone

14may(may 14)7:00 am29(may 29)10:00 amMay 14-29, 2022-Online Training-Pacific Standard Time ZoneLevel 1 Movement Flow Training

Event Details

Training: Online Level 1 Certification
Time: 8.00 am-11.00 am PST-Sat-Sun
Dates: May 14th-29th Weekends
Platform: Zoom
Price:c$760 USD
Capacity: 10 Students

(Please keep in mind It’s first come first serve so please reverse your space before this program is completely full as all past training has sold out!)


‎Teachers: Iris Salihagic and Slava Goloubov

Assistant: Joyce Lo


Facebook Event Link:

The first of its kind, a Movement Course designed specifically to enhance and target your movement development. This course will give you the tools and knowledge to address your strengths and work on your weaknesses, teaching you the necessary skills to get faster, slower, and more controlled while keeping a fluid calmness in your flow.

As we live in a digital world where it’s much easier to take a course online in the comfort of your home than it is to travel and book time off work, if your schedule or geography restrictions prevent you from participating in your continual education then this is a perfect option for you to consider.


‎Online training will be taking place on the second weekend of March, over the period of 3 weekends and 2 optional weekdays (review). To ensure that every student gets plenty of attention, there will be a maximum of 10 students for this online course.

You will be exposed to many different subject matters that will teach your body to move with grace and precision, throughout this online course, together you can expect to cover topics such as:

• Ground Flow
• Soft Acrobatic
• Mind VS Matter
• Body Balance
• Dynamic Flexibility
• Exit Strategies/Reaction Training

Each day we will practice a designed set of sequences that will stay with us for the entirety of the training. At the same, we will also cover a variety of different subjects daily to continue growing a strong and educated foundation in ourselves and our practice.

All of the course material will be covered with Iris directly through a private zoom meeting with all of the students joining the program, each session will consist of 3 hours of training that will include Movement Flow warm-ups, easy to follow movement progressions, flexibility training, hand balancing, and flow creation at the end of each session to integrate information smoothly into your practice.

A Facebook group will be created that’s just for the students who are participating in this program. This group is where any questions, videos, and flows will be uploaded and shared with the rest of the group for educational purposes. All Zoom links will be shared through this group so all you have to do is click the link and join the group in our weekly sessions together.

Schedule Breakdown:

May 14th: 3hrs session With Iris & Slava
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 15th: 3hrs Main Session with Iris
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 18th: 2hrs Review Session with Joyce
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 21nd: 3hrs session With Slava
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 22nd: 3hrs session With Iris
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 25th: 2hrs Review Session with Joyce
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 28th: 3hrs session With Slava
Start time 8.00 am PST

May 29th: 3hrs session With Iris & Slava
Start time 8.00 am PST

This program is for those who are seeking a more holistic way of approaching their movement practice and are attracted to the generalistic way of training, leveraging a variety of protocols and systems to integrate into their day-to-day practice.
Regardless if you’ve been a mover all your life or you’ve been recently exposed to Movement Culture, this Online Course will give you the tools to go even further and allow you to truly discover a style that you can connect with.

You will find people who attend this Level 1 Program come from all walks of life and from all around the world, young and old, men and women, with different social status in their communities, aspiring to educate themself and to share this knowledge with others.

The difficulty of the course will be dependent on each student’s ability, there will be many variations on each subject matter with easy-to-follow progressions that will allow you to complete the program while enjoying the process of learning it.
Invest in yourself today! It’s the one thing that you won’t regret buying, this is the Movement Flow guarantee.


• Level Of Practice
Suitable for all levels. With that in mind, this will be a very physical course meaning everything you learn you will practice and integrate into your practice. So expect to work hard not only with your bodies but with your minds, as both will be tested.

•What To Bring
Training gear: shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, comfortable pants, and socks for floor work.‎

•Facilitated by Slava & Iris

For as long as Slava can remember, he has always been curious about the human body and its complexity of expression. Having studied with Circus coaches here in Canada, Shaolin monks in China, professional Acrobats in Europe, Martial Art teachers from Brazil, he has formulated his own techniques and protocols to get his students to where they want to go, his pursuit for education is his purpose and to share that with his students is his mission.
Iris is an Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Trainer with a mission to empower others to live an extremely fulfilled and healthy life. Over the past few years, Iris had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients from adolescence, pregnant, high-level athlete to everyday people just like her. Her main purpose is to teach her clients how to move, nourish and shift their mindset. What’s is her purpose? Simple, she wants to help empower others to live a healthier, pain-free, and full-filled life with exceeding purpose, laughter, and drive!

•Assisted by Joyce

Joyce is a holistic pain and movement specialist who aims to help people be better in many different perspectives by various approaches. She specializes in emotion and neurological motor control. She searched for the movement system to integrate with her own techniques; the second she met Movement Flow, she knew it is the one. In her own training and teaching journey, Movement Flow has been unlocking herself and her clients’ potential and leveling in physical and psychological health. Movement Flow is her favorite system to bring people to reach their goals and to fulfill the mission.

Every day is essential to the totality of the course, meaning for you to get a Movement Flow Level 1 Certificate, you would need to finish all days without missing any of the programs (Saturday-Sunday sessions are mandatory. Wednesday sessions are bonus days and thus are optional. All who pass the course will receive a Level 1 Certification of completion under the Movement Flow School and will be eligible to take future development courses like Level 2 and Teacher Training programs (Level 3).

•The Road Ahead
There will be 3 stages of development to complete the entire Movement Flow education.

•Level 1
Teaching you the theory and the protocols of the Movement Flow system. This is the foundation of everything that will be built upon in Levels 2 and 3. In Level 1, you will not only learn but integrate the skills into your body offering a wide and dynamic range of movement potential.

The Mentorship Program is designed specifically for the Movement Flow Level 1 graduate who wishes to start their teaching career in an expedited fashion. We understand that it may be many months for some to complete their Level 2 and 3 certifications, thus we have created this program for those who wish to teach Level 1 classes, privates and workshops while on the road to becoming a fully Certified Movement Flow Instructor.

•Level 2
This is definitely a level up meaning you need a strong movement practice with the combination of completing Level 1. This will be a physically demanding course that will test your edges but like anything in life the greater the challenge the greater the reward.

•Level 3
Want to be a Movement Flow Teacher? Is Movement something you want to share? Are you passionate about spreading Education? Then Level 3 might be for you. (Level 1-2 are a prerequisite)

Join the Team and let’s get you MOVING!

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