Private 1 on 1 Certification

Private 1 on 1 Certification

01novAll DayVirtual/ Physical EventPrivate 1 on 1 CertificationThis is an opportunity to get certified thought the Movement Flow System via 1 on 1 sessions (All Day: tuesday)


All Day (Tuesday)

Event Details

Dates: Flexible
Platform: Zoom-In Person
Price:$900 USD
Sessions-10-One Hour Sessions+Homework
If group trainings are not your preferred style of learning, then this private Level 1–2–3 Certification process is perfect for you. We offer Private In-person Certifications or Online through the Zoom platform. Together we can focus specifically on your goals, create a personalized experience/education plan, give you clear & easy to follow directions that will point you towards ultimate success. All while building New & Unique Skills, Strength, Coordination, Flexibility, Mind & Body Awareness.


It’s simple, once you have registered, you will be able to pick one of our coaches that you would like to work with. (Once you have registered, you will receive an email from us discussing all the details of your private training) Together you will pick the best time and dates that suit your busy lifestyle to start you on your Movement Flow journey. Each session is 1 hour in duration, with a total of 10 Sessions. Giving you plenty of time to integrate and refine all the material that you will both cover together.


As a bonus, you will receive free access to our Movement Flow App for 30 days. Offering you extra tools to evaluate and refine your practice. Once you have successfully completed the Certifications, you will be added to our Level 1 Graduate’s Roster. Furthermore, you will be eligible to register for the upcoming Level 2 Movement Flow Trainings.


This style of learning is designed to heighten your current skill level and build upon your strengths while addressing your weakness. All the while giving you the right guidance to succeed.


Let the Movement Flow Team help you develop the skills sets you desire.


The Total Tuition Cost of this training is $900 USD. A deposit of half the tuition total, of $450 USD, can be made to reserve your spot and to accommodate everyone. You will receive a confirmation email with available dates and times for you to book your future private sessions with a teacher of your choice.


Alternatively, you may also book 1 session to try out the Movement Flow Style and to connect with your future Teacher. Try out a private session with a Movement Flow Teacher for $115 USD


We look forward to having you join our Movement Flow Team!

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