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If you are ready to start your Movement journey, then the Level 1 Movement Flow Training is for you! Throughout our time together, you will be introduced to 31 unique movements from 14 categories. All designed to develop core aspects of your Mind & Body connection and give you the control and grace to MOVE!

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This program is explicitly designed for those who are seeking a holistic way of approaching their movement practice and are attracted to the generalist way of training — leveraging a wide variety of protocols & systems that can be integrated into your daily practice.

Regardless of whether you’ve been a mover all your life or you’ve been recently introduced to Movement Culture, this intensive training will give you the tools to go even further and allow you to truly discover your own unique style that you can connect with.

This course is specifically designed to Enhance your Movement Education & Experience. You will be presented with many different subject matters that will teach your Mind & Body to Move with grace and precision. Throughout our time together, you can expect to cover a verity of subjects, such as:

Soft Acrobatic
Meant for every Level of Movers. This section will teach you how to access the Fast-Twitch muscles fibers in a variety of Transitional Movements. Not only will you gain insight into the basis of all acrobatic movements; you will also begin to get a taste of freedom in space. Think of it this way; in order to achieve an aerial, you will first have to master a Cartwheel. Developing the fundamentals are essential in the path to a higher skill level. In this section, we will guide you along the path with understandable and attainable progressions.

Mind vs Matter
Testing the threshold of what your Mind can handle will be the focus of this section. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques, picked up by Slava, while training with the Shaolin Monks in China. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and it is often the biggest factor that holds us back the most in our Movement Practice. Together we will Challenge Ourselves, Test our Edges and Increase the Endurance of our Minds to begin to experience what we truly are capable of.

 Body Balance 
Along with challenging our bodies, we must also take great care in building a strong framework to help protect us from injury. In this section, we will focus on strengthening our Slow-Twitch muscles fibres through various exercises including Long Holds and more. Strength and endurance are key in training our body to adapt and endure whatever we throw at it. Be ready to work hard!

 Dynamic Flexibility  
 The combination of flexibility and movement opens the door to an active range of motion. Tapping into your undiscovered abilities that have been dormant in many stretching practices. In this section, we will dive deep into subjects such as Muscle Anatomy, Loaded stretching, and end range of motion, power vs. limit, active exits, and more. All of these tools will allow you to experience greater control and freedom through your range.

 Reaction Training
Using a variety of games, techniques & simple props, we will begin to re-wire our nervous systems to become vigilant and responsive to its environment. You never know when life will hit you hard, and it is in these moments that we must rely on our instinct and skills to guide us in the right direction.

Note: The difficulty of the course will be dependent on each student’s abilities. There will be many alternative variations on each subject matter to accommodate everyone with their specific needs. With easy-to-follow instructions, it will allow you to complete the program while enjoying the process of learning it.

National Academy of Sports Medicine™ – NASM
Athletics and Fitness Association of America ® – AFAA
American Council on Exercise ® – ACE
Canadian Fitness Professionals™ – CANFITPRO

The program tuition for the Level 1 Movement Flow Certification is $760 USD both for the online and the in-person program. Making a full or partial payment of $380 USD reserves your spot in the training. Once the course sells out registration will be closed. All tuition fees are fully refundable 30 days prior to the course date.

 Official Welcome
Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll receive an Official Welcome Letter, giving you access to guidance tips on how to prepare for the 5 days of relevant, and other helpful information.
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If you wish to cancel your reservation, please refer to the refund details down below:
30 days or more until the event is 100%
20 days or more until the event is 75%
15 days or more until the event is 50%
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*Refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee*
NOTE: if a Training Session is canceled by Movement Flow for any reason, a full Refund with no processing fee will be provided back to you.

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