Level 2

After finishing the Level 1 you will be eligible to officially take the Level 2 Movement Flow Training, where together we will focus on upgrading your Acrobatic and Floorwork curriculum and refine your understanding of the system in its entirety. You will be introduced to 18 more unique moments that are specifically designed to strengthen and level up your practice, If you’re ready for the challenge, we welcome you to join us for the next course.

Power moves

building upon a strong foundation

Where Level 1 is the foundations of the Movement Flow system, Level 2 is a whole new exploration with a felt resonance from the Level 1 foundations. All of the skills and concepts learned in Level 1 will be expanded upon in Level 2, and you will be introduced to a new way of moving your body through space with the addition of new soft acrobatics skills.

This is definitely a level up, meaning you need a strong movement practice and a deep understanding of the Level 1 material. This will be a physically demanding course that will test your edges, but like anything in life, the greater the challenge the greater the reward. 

Level 2 is all about creativity, power, and expression. If Level 1 is the tree trunk, Level 2 would be the branches and the blooming flowers. If you are seeking ways to expand upon your Movement Flow foundations created in Level 1, and wish to set a safe and strong understanding of soft acrobatics, Level 2 will be exactly what you’re seeking. 
Level 2 is comprised of 16 Movements and 8 Categories — all of which build upon the foundations laid down in Level 1 with the exception of new Mono-Arm Transitions, featuring: Macaco, Reverse Macaco, Butterfly kick, and Amazonas. You can think of Level 2 as the creative evolution of Level 1, and for that reason, the course materials in Level 2 are the most potent container for your own movement evolution. 
Using the roots laid in the Cartwheels category of Level 1, in Level 2 you will build upon those foundations and learn to orient yourself through space to flip and fly with power and grace. The Macaco, one of our featured Mono-Arm Transitions, is a prime example of a powerful reversed inversion flip that builds from the cartwheel, but yet a much more spicy expression.
Building upon your floor work practice will also be addressed in Level 2. The U-Turn and Infinity Loop — an evolution of Open Door — are ground-based movements that will test not only your proprioception, but also your fluidity, strength, and total body awareness. These movements will test your edges but offer you a most unique and awe-inspiring way of honing your movement practice. 
One of the most exciting category evolutions in Level 2 stemming from Level 1 is the Matrix various. Such movements include: Pancake Flip, Twist Around, and Drape Roll. To some, a deep wheel is the end of their backhanding journey… in Movement Flow, it is only the beginning. The Twist around, a seamless transition from table-top position to wheel, is a shining example of this. 
In the Level 2 training, you will not only learn the movement skills and categories, but also cover a variety of subjects such as: Mind vs. Matter, Body Balance, Dynamic Flexibility, and Reaction Training — making Level 2 into a holistic movement educational experience.

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