Level 1 Movement Flow Training Sept 23-Oct 2
2 fri/sat/sun


Including Easy Step-By-Step Progressions for Every Movement (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED) 

✔️ Get Stronger, More Flexible, Better Coordination, and Better Balance ALL At The Same Time.

✔️ NO MORE Boring Workouts and Repetitive Exercises – A New, Creative, Diverse, and Enjoyable Way of Moving.

✔️ Heal Injuries and Resolve Sources of Pain through Full-Range Of Motion Movements.

✔️ Take Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health To The Next Level Through Connection With Your Body

✔️ Discover How Easy It Is To Learn Moving Your Body – Suitable for Complete Beginners and Advanced alike. 

✔️ No Need for Expensive Equipment just Your Body and Willingness to train. 

✔️ No Age Restriction.

✔️ Join The Most Loving and Supportive Community of Movers.

Where & When & What to Bring?


Join us on this adventure in the beautiful city of Bath.

Are you looking for a holistic system to upgrade your physicality and skills? Do you want to learn how to move with grace and precision? Well, a big opportunity arises for you in the city of Bath. We are coming to a beautiful location to offer you our Movement Flow training. In this training course, we give you the tools and the “know-how” to address your strengths and work on your weaknesses. We will teach you the skills to get faster, slower, and everything in between while keeping a fluid calmness in your flow. The Movement Flow system uses freedom, fluidity, creativity, and joy. It’s the perfect balance between strength, flexibility, power, and fitness. Plus, forget about boring or repetitive exercises. It’s a joy to practice with us. 

Sept 24-Oct 2

Giving you plenty of time to integrate and recover and dive right back in.

Thursday – June 2nd – 2022: 9 am to 5 pm 

Friday – June 3rd – 2022: 9 am to 5 pm  

Saturday – June 4th – 2022: 9 am to 5 pm 

Sunday- June 5th – 2022: 9 am to 5 pm 

Studio Name: Funky Monkey Studio
Exact location: 18A, St Peters Terrace, Bath BA2 3BT, United Kingdom 
Experience the beautiful city of Bath, the U.K with your favorite Movement Flow teachers

It's Simple

Keeping it simple and inexpensive

Nowadays, with the fitness industry becoming one of the biggest manufacturers of equipment, it’s hard to know what to buy and what really works. We at Movement Flow believe that education should not be expensive. Nor should you need excessive amounts of tools to access your body’s natural abilities. That’s why we say: keep it simple. Bring a pair of socks, some loose pants, a T-shirt you don’t mind rolling around in and you’ll be ready to go!


This is not for you if you are satisfied with your current connection with your body. This Movement Flow experience in Italy is for you if:

  • You want to get stronger, more flexible, better coordination, better balance, better body mastery, or everything at the same time.

  • You want to learn a new way to move that combines the best of yoga, martial arts, dancing, gymnastics, and so much more into one simple system.

  • You want to stop exercising in a boring and repetitive way and start exercising in a creative, diverse, and enjoyable way.

  • You want to join the most loving and supportive community of Movers for an amazing experience in the United Kingdom.

Here's What You'll Experience:

From Zero to Movement Flow Level 1 Certified In 4 Days. In just 4 days you will learn the 31 fundamental level 1 movements of the Movement Flow System. 
You will be immersed in the Movement Flow experience and integrate a new language of moving into your body. 
You will be able to transition from one of the 31 movements to any other of the 31 movements and then transition again as much as you want. 
The room for possibilities and creativity is 31x31x31x31x31x … infinite. But that’s not all… Movement Flow is about exploring all the potential you can unlock with your body. We will also cover concepts such as:
Ground Flow

This is a concept for strengthening your interaction with the ground and ultimately any surface available. The key idea here is to use your environment to enhance your motion. Learning how to take advantage of every surface around you and use it to enrich your motion is essential for the movement flow practice. 

Body Balance

We will train your body to adapt and endure in every circumstance. We are not gonna lie. You will work hard here but with the privilege of having one-on-one attention from us, continuous support, and devotion. You will feel safe and supported.

Soft Acrobatic

Another brilliant concept that will equip you with insights into the basis of all acrobatic movements. You will get a sense of freedom in space and an ethereal light feeling. 

Mind Control

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and many times it’s what holds us back in our movement practice. Together we will challenge ourselves and increase the endurance of our minds to begin to experience what we are truly capable of. 

Dynamic Flexibility

In our next section, we are offering our gifts related to stretching and the range of motion. We dive deep into subjects such as muscle anatomy, loaded stretching, power vs limit, active exits, and more! 

Exit Strategies

Using a variety of games and techniques, we will teach you how to rewire your nervous system so that you become vigilant and adequately responsive to your environment. Nothing in the world would be able to stop your flow! 

What Does A Day During The Movement Flow Experience Look Like?

We’ll start with a morning session from 9 am to 12 pm that includes Warm-Up Practice, Ground Flow, Body Balance, and Dynamic Flexibility. Then lunch time! One hour to eat some Italian food, relax, and connect with the group.
Finally, we end the day with an afternoon session from 1 pm to 5 pm that includes Mind vs Matter, Mobility Training, Movement Mlow, Soft Acrobatic, Patterning, Reaction Training, and End-Of-Day Integration.
All these training practices may sound mysterious and hard but, we promise you: they are all fun, enjoyable, and adapted to your capabilities, whether you are a complete beginner or advanced!
After 5 pm, it’s free time!
You can explore the beautiful city of Bath and relax, while connecting with the group and having fun with your teachers.

Who Will You Learn From?


'Brian is awesome and a very attentive instructor. He breaks things down in a way that's simple and tangible to do on your own time. He was so encouraging and fun to work with too!'

Jules Anna

South Africa

"I had a great experience working with Brian. I liked the well thought out structure of the session, the way you brought mindfulness and awareness into the practice, and the clever ideas to break down complex movements into pieces so that everyone can work on the progressions, starting from their individual level"

Susanne Fabel


"Brian brought a calmness to the class that I’ve never experienced before. The introductory breathwork & meditation was perfect as was the movement flow. The mindful movement at the end with the breath & the affirmation was very powerful."



"I was so busy having fun rolling around that I didn't notice what an intense workout I was getting. And even after the class, I could feel my mind creating new neural connections from moving my body in a new way"



"I had an amazing experience, so inspiring! I discovered my injured knee was not really an issue and that surprised me. I was not sure if I can do half of the movements with my knee. I love the movements!"

Karolina Zbitowska


"A brilliant way to connect with your body for movers of any back round, or non movers wanting to try something entirely new! No matter what level you are at. Always making space for you if you can are will to put in the work."

Cypress Daws-Knowles


How You Can Reserve Your Spot:


We limit the number of people who can join this event to 15 people to make sure that everybody gets enough 1-on-1 attention. 

If there are still spots left, you can simply click on the button below and reserve your spot now. 

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Just $760 USD!
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BONUS: Get Access to the Movement Flow app for FREE for 30 Days After downloading the app, you will have access to every single Movement Flow tutorial (both Level 1 and Level 2), where you can learn easy step-by-step progressions to every Movement Flow movement and transition. You will also have access to extra flexibility programs, handstand program, 4-week beginner training, and so much more.

Full Tuition

$ 760
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Hear from one of our Certified Teachers Brian Carew, and listen to his experience through the Movement Flow System.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have never done a handstand, can I still take the training?
Absolutely. We teach a comprehensive breakdown on handstands during the training, giving progressions to complete beginners while challenging some of the best hand balancers with spicy variations and out-of-the-box transitions and approaches. 
If I am coming out of town, is there a way I can connect with the other attendees to organize my travel plans?
We know that traveling outside of your country can be a daunting task, this is why we help you every step of the way. From sending you travel information on how to get to and from the training, to organizing private group chats that help you stay connected to our team and the other participants. We even help you organize your stay while you are taking the course.
I have past injuries that I am still recovering from, can I still take the training?

The beautiful thing about the Movement Flow System is that because we’re going through so many different ranges of motion and cover a diverse range of topics, we allow your body to move through scar tissue fluidly and consistently, which give the body a chance to heal.

I have danced all my life, how is Movement Flow different?
Our generalist approach allows us to move with ease through subject matters such as acrobatics, handstands, contortion, breakdancing, yoga, and much more. We don’t hyper-focus on one discipline-we try them all with massive success.
I can’t afford to pay the full tuition right away, are there other options?
We understand everyone’s finances are different, which is why we created the half-tuition option. It allows you to hold your spot in the training and gives you time to pay the remainder a few days before the training begins. If you don’t have any means to pay we, also consider long-term instalments, but this is a special offer that you will have to contact us for directly.

We stand behind our courses 100%

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course while participating; or you have a family emergency and you have to leave the course; or, with the times that we live in, you get sick and have to isolate you, will get a full refund and/or credit towards future courses. We believe in making education accessible and stress-free, so we hope you join us with lots of enthusiasm. And know that if anything comes up, we’ve got your back!

Full Tuition

$ 760
00 USD
  • “Investing time in yourself is the only safe investment that will give you maximum return throughout life.”- Lyrikal

Half Tuition

$ 380
00 USD
  • “Invest in yourself to the point that it makes someone else want to invest in you.” – Tony Gaskins