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A Students journey

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Welcome to our global community! We're here for everyone, no matter where you're from, your background, or your goals. We're excited to support your journey in staying active and healthy through Movement & Flow, and the best part is that it's accessible for every age.

Classes & Workshops

We offer lots of ways to help you learn, like online classes, in person workshops and private lessons. Our Level 1 Basic Training and Level 2 Advanced Training are great for improving your skills. And don't worry, you don't need any experience to join the Level 1 training or the classes.

Movement Flow App

The 'Movement Flow App' offers a wealth of resources, including audio tutorials, warm-ups, community flows, workshops, strength training, teacher resources, and guides for both beginners and experienced students. It's a valuable tool for learning and improving.

Welcome To The Movement Flow Community

We've spent a decade crafting an inclusive educational system that promotes self-discovery and growth, welcoming everyone regardless of age or ability. Our system is not just about physical action but a transformative journey, tested by thousands of practitioners. Our supportive community encourages growth at all skill levels. Here, you'll enhance proprioception, master fluid ground connection, learn simple to intricate flow sequences, and maybe even handstand! So, why wait? Ignite your journey to strength, flexibility, and movement now! Let's explore this beautiful world of motion together.


Explore 200+ video guides, crafted for clarity and ease, supporting you at every stage of your Movement Flow journey.​


Start your day energized with our 4 week routines such as the Core Workout, and the Warm-Up, designed to make your body strong and flexible.


Discover your pace with our flexible programs, offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options for all fitness levels.


Master movement with our coaches and video guides, featuring 30 foundational movements from Level 1 and 19 advanced techniques from Level 2

Start Hosting Your Own Classes & Workshops

Ready to start teaching after Level 1 Movement Flow Training? Here's what to do: Use the app as your guide to record all 30 moves and email them to themovementflow@gmail.com. Look for easier versions if needed. Also, create three audio tutorials. Once we review your recordings and you pass, you'll become an official Movement Flow teacher. Join our global community of movers and teachers!

If you're not a fitness expert or haven't taught before, don't worry! We offer a mentorship program just for you. It's there to help you gain confidence and learn the skills you need to host your own classes. It's totally optional, but investing in your education is always a good idea.

Level 1 Training

Start your journey with our 'Level 1 Training'! Spread over 4 days, this training doesn't require any previous experience. You'll learn everything in the Level 1 syllabus, including 30 unique moves and 12 warm-ups designed for the Movement Flow system. It's an exciting first step in your teaching journey.

Become A Level 1 Certification Teacher

If you want to lead your own Level 1 Movement Flow Certification Trainings, this is the path for you. After finishing all the steps, you'll be able to teach your own certification trainings. It's a big honor! We carefully choose individuals for this role who lead with pride and confidence, spreading the system worldwide. Together, we grow and move forward.

Level 1 Training

Start your journey with our 'Level 1 Training'! Spread over 4 days, this training doesn't require any previous experience. You'll learn everything in the Level 1 syllabus, including 30 unique moves and 12 warm-ups designed for the Movement Flow system. It's an exciting first step in your teaching journey.

Level 2 Training

After finishing the Mentorship Program, you'll move up to 'Level 2.' In this phase, you'll improve your abilities with 19 new moves, learn acrobatics skills, and get better at creating advanced flows. It's a tough but fulfilling step forward in your journey to become a skilled mover and teacher.

Gaining Experience

After completing Level 2, you'll enter a 6-month probation period. This time is essential for your development. You'll gain hands-on teaching experience, further refine your practice, and actively participate in our community. During this period, you'll have the opportunity to really grow and integrate the new skills you've learned.

Certification Training

The final stage is 'Certification Training,' where you're evaluated by the Movement Flow Team. Successful evaluation leads to Certification Training with Slava Goloubov, offered as a 10-week online or 4-day live course. Completing this enables you to certify others in Level 1 Movement Flow training both in large groups and 1 on 1 sessions.

Education is our mission


No Matter The Age We Were All Made To Move

Movement Flow



Movement Flow

Here's What You'll Discover When You Start Your Movement Flow Journey


Get Stronger, More Flexible, Better Coordination, and Better Balance all at the same time.


Discover How Easy It Is To Learn Moving Your Body – Suitable for complete beginners and advanced alike. No age restriction.


How to Create Your Own Flows Every Day with our huge variety and arsenal of movements.


Learn 30 unique movements in Level 1 & 19 in Level 2 to truly upgrade your practice.

Low Cost

No need for equipment, so stop spending money on things that are less intelligent than your body, you have everything you need.


Heal old Injuries and resolve sources of pain through a practice that includes  full range of motion. 

Movement Flow

Masako Wada

From Japan

“I can whole hardly say the Movement Flow system is a perfect balance between hard work and playful exploration”

Kim Caballero Visser - Movement flow

Kim Caballero Visser

From Barcelona

“I found movements that where so challenging, others came out naturally, sometimes easy, sometimes impossible but always, always made me smile and feel great.”

Movement Flow

Cori Brennan Golanowski

From Canada

“This training is a full meal that takes place with the ingredients of your body, your mind, your spirit, and other movers”

"Your body's ability to move is its greatest gift – cherish and challenge it."
Slava Goloubov-Founder Of Movement Flow

Combining all the things
you love under one roof

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re seeking a new and innovative approach to fitness. One that brings together strength, flexibility, power, and overall wellness in a harmonious blend. Look no further, because you’ve come to the right place! Our focus is on your physical development and growth. With the Movement Flow System, we’ll explore new and exciting ways to move, like playing, rolling, twisting, dancing, balancing, challenging, rotating and so much more.

Think of it as if Yoga, Martial Arts, Breakdancing, Contemporary Dance, and Gymnastics all came together to share their skills and techniques, the result would be the Movement Flow System. So why wait any longer? Embrace a new perspective on fitness and let’s move together on this journey of growth and self-discovery!

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Movement Flow