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Welcome to our community testimonial page, where we share real stories and genuine experiences that have the power to inspire and transform lives. Here, we invite you to dive into the incredible journeys of our members who have embraced the transformative Movement Flow System. Discover their extraordinary stories of growth and self-discovery, as they share their personal experiences and the impact it has had on their lives.

Brandon Rogers

From Canada

The movement flow team taught me so much about myself, my body, and how to move better/feel great! I already have a wealth of fitness knowledge, and the movement flow system has allowed me to unlock areas of my flexibility, balance, flow, and strength that I never thought were possible.

Denise Zimmermann

From Germany

The Level 1 Movement Flow Training  was much fun and in such a short time i saw improvements. Movement Flow is my favourite way of moving ever since I started practicing 6 months ago. The team created such a warm community and I truly love being a part of it! 

Rhyanna Watson

From Australia

The most nourishing and enriching experience for the mind, body and soul.  Movement Flow with their courses on and offline have created freedom in movement. My joints and muscles feel so good.  With this creative way of moving I have never had so many movement possibilities and at nearly 40 I am dong more than I could ever have done in my teens.

Annette Martino

From Brazil

Movement Flow is a 360 experiencie, body mind and soul. I recommended for everyone who is interested in going deeper into his/her movement practice, no matter which one is, in a fun, light and magistral way. Slava Goloubov, the creator is a diamond teacher, rare and very special. I wouldn`t miss the opportunity to train with him.

Lilo Ventura

From Brazil

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine the experience this would be. I was set for a movement training and I left with my heart so full of love and appreciation and a bunch of amazing new friends. Every tiny detail made this training turn into an epic journey home to myself. First of all, the people that I came to meet was beyond what I could expect.

Asher Ahmahd

From USA

Movement Flow has been instrumental in not only strengthening my yoga practice, it has also helped to relieve a lot of chronic pain. Movement Flow offers so much in one system (strength, grace, body awareness, agility and more). Every instructor that I have come across has been motivating, honest, extremely knowledgeable and personable. This community is truly special.

Paul White

From UK

I’m 60 years old and been a fitness trainer for 40 years. In February I attended a Movement Flow Retreat in Thailand with Slava and Iris and I absolutely loved the exercise. Their instruction was fantastic, meeting the needs and abilities  of all levels, starting with me being a first timer and very stiff right up to the more seasoned flower. I very much look forward to flowing with them in the future.

Tung Choi

From Hong Komg

Movement Flow is a new way of training that challenge different aspects of human movement: strength, flexibility, power, coordination. While mastering the moves you will learn more about your own strength and weakness, yet you are still having fun exploration your own movement possibility. Now I can integrating the skills I learn in Movement Flow to create beautiful and creative flow in my yoga and mobility practice.

David Finley

From USA

The Movement Flow Level 1 Certification exceeded my expectations. The movements are well thought out and contain subtleties that are not immediately evident. The training has, and continues to positively impact my physiology on a daily basis. The training so valuable that I am now completing the Level 1 Movement Flow teacher training, to share it with others.

Jennie Yang

From South Korea

The Movement Flow System teaches us not only the movements how to get there. It provides many drills and exercises through ’standalone exercises‘ to improve function, muscle contraction, and prevent injuries. It is a fantastic journey to find my bodies function and learn teaching skills. Your body can do more than you think, more than you experienced. 

Bibi Marin

From Mexico

Movement Flow is an amazing way to get in touch with your body, to get to know it better and to discover great new things to do with it. It is the perfect combination of dance, martial arts, yoga, capoeira, and much more all wrapped in one very inspiring discipline. It is as fun as it is creative. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Movement Flow!

kalinda Kano

From Mexico

After taking Level 1 in person, I must admit I was hesitant about taking Level 2 online but decided to go for it and honestly distance and screens were not a problem at all. And because of the personalized attention everything ran smoothly and ended up loving flowing in my own space. Definitely worth taking if you want to level up your skills and flows.

Nils Kistner

From Germany

I had an amazing time with Slava and Iris, they are super helpful with everything concerning the Level 1 Movement Flow Training. They deliver a ton of knowledge not only about movement but also about health and longevity. And even after training they still take care of you and regularly check in highly recommended

Zuzana Stanková

From Slovakia

Movement Flow allows you to learn, grow and have fun while exploring new moves and creating beautiful flows. During the training you will build strength, flexibility and you will be able to explore and push limits of your mind and body. Highly recommended for all of you! You will not regret 😉

Michael Toru

From Canada

The Movement Flow team and system of movement is an unparalleled experience! You will be challenged to grow outside your comfort zone in your mind, body, and spirit but will be rewarded with achieving things you never thought were possible. Try Movement Flow and change your life!

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