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The Canoe helps improve your range of motion, strengthen your ankles, and make your hip muscles more flexible. It combines the best of flexibility and strength training.

The Canoe transition introduces you to a fun and dynamic way to stand up, adding an exciting element to your practice. But it’s not just about the fun factor – it also helps develop strength in your ankles and wrists. Most importantly, it cultivates a beautiful balance between control, explosiveness, and flexibility.

Give it your all, embrace the challenge, and congratulate yourself for every successful attempt. Remember, progress takes practice, so if you don’t quite nail it at first, keep going! Persistence and dedication will pay off.

Celebrate your successes along the way, and be proud of the progress you make. And if you encounter a few hiccups, don’t get discouraged – view them as opportunities for growth and keep practicing. The journey is just as important as the destination.

Slava Goloubov


Learning Capoeira from Brazilian masters, doing Acrobatics in Europe, performing in the Circus, studying with Shaolin monks in China, and even Free Diving to 120 Feet in Mexico to understand the power of the human physiology. Slava has always been curious to explore the human bodies potential. Taking the best knowledge and wisdom from every discipline and combining them into the Movement Flow System. Slava’s purpose is to make physical education accessible to everyone.


Clean & easy-to-follow videos to guide you every step of the way in your Flow Journey


Our patented Warm-Ups sequence that's designed to get you moving and ready for a fantastic day

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4-week progressions with 3 options: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced (perfect for those that want variety)


Step-by-step progressions for the 31 Movements from the Level 1 syllabus & 18 Movements from the Level 2 syllabus

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