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Explore 200+ video guides, crafted for clarity and ease, supporting you at every stage of your Movement Flow journey.​


Start your day energized with our 4 week routines such as the Core Workout, and the Warm-Up, designed to make your body strong and flexible.


Stay at your pace with our flexible programs, offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options for all fitness levels.​


Master movement with our coaches video guides, featuring over 30 coaches with decades of experience, all for you to learn from at a touch of a finger.


Join The Movement

The Movement Flow App is like having your own personal trainer always there for you. It offers a variety of workouts, tutorials, and options. You can choose from structured 4-week plans, quick bodyweight exercises, or just press play and follow along. There are so many ways to stay active!

everything you need to know about the App

Hello! My name is Slava Goloubov, and I’m the creator of Movement Flow. I’m excited to help you explore our app. Let’s start a step-by-step tour where I’ll guide you through all the cool features we have. 

We have a lot of great options waiting for you, so let’s dive in and start this journey together!

Tailored to your Skill Level

Find new skills with our easy-to-use app! It’s made just for you, fitting your skills, likes, and free time. Don’t worry too much – just enjoy working out! Ready to begin learning? 

In the app, you can see exercise info, use timers, get helpful hints, and check out lots of different exercise plans. Let’s start your learning adventure!

Plus, it’s risk-free – you can cancel anytime.

Together with you, every step of the way

The App provides full audio tutorials that guide you step by step. These tutorials are super helpful, especially if you’re new to exercising or trying something different. They’re easy to follow, so you can listen and learn as you go. It’s like having a personal coach in your ear, giving you tips and encouragement.

Hear From Our Community

Lin Dondon

From Taiwan

“The Movement Flow app is easy and simple to use, clean videos insightful instructions, everything you need all in one app, love it”

Mauro Cana Lee

From Mexico

“This was the perfect addition to my existing practice, I found I could do new skills with ease, the Movement Flow System is perfect for anyone”

Camelia Oberoi

From India

“The app is a brilliant resource to refer to for a breakdown of all the movements and the warmup exercises needed to get the body ready.”

The app in action

Take a look at our students using the app live. It shows you how the app works and what you can learn from it. See for yourself and consider joining our community. Start your learning journey with us today.

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