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Level 1 Movement Flow Training in Hong Kong

April 4-7-2024


Training Made Simple

Boost your strength and flexibility and overall fitness level with our Movement Flow Training! It’s all about making you stronger and more limber, helping to prevent injuries.

Discover how this training can transform your body, making you feel healthier and more resilient.

Join us and experience these amazing benefits firsthand.

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead we have feet. Let’s move.

Dynamic Care

Unit 1502, 15/F, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Studio

We carefully select our spaces to ensure that each is thoughtfully designed to provide ample room for movement and offer an environment that will keep you engaged and focused throughout your training. The space we have selected for this Movement Flow training is no exception. We know you will love it.



Between Beginner to Advanced Handstand, Floor work, Martial arts and Soft acrobatics the system is designed to process and regress you to achieve or gain the fundamental blocks to gain each skill.


Promote healing of injuries and tackle the root causes of pain by incorporating full-range of motion movements into your routine. Helping you increase flexibility, range of motion, and strength.


The beauty of the Movement Flow System is that the only thing required is your body and an eagerness to learn. You will be guided every step of the way towards your own personal success.


Prepare to enhance your physical and mental capabilities and expand your movement repertoire by learning 30 unique transitions that will guide you into a state of flow.


You will be given the tools to understand how to gain strength, flexibility, mobility and functional range. By having these fundamental blocks your movement practice is endless.

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Emphasizing Diversification

After a decade of dedicated research and exploration the Movement Flow System was born. By incorporating elements of dance, gymnastics, circus, yoga, and other modalities, this system helps students around the world develop a strong and adaptable physicality. The Movement Flow method is simple yet effective: because students explore a wide variety of movements while closely examining the body mechanics and receiving tested protocols, to help advance their growth. With a commitment to supporting and encouraging students, the Movement Flow Community now empowers individuals all over the world to live stronger, more supple lives.

Iris Salihagic

your teachers

Iris is the co-owner of Movement Flow a School that teaches a mix of gymnastics, dance, capoeira, martial arts and hand balancing.Her background as an Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, ex National bodybuilding competitor, and Nutritionist has taught her to empower others to move in a methodical way for longevity. Over the past few years, Iris had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients/students from adolescence, and pregnant and high-level athletes. Her primary purpose is to teach her students how to move, nourish and shift their mindset. This will allow playfulness in your movement practice as well as progress

Yoga-Dance-Martial Arts-Gymnastics All Under One Roof

The first of its kind, this course is designed specifically to enhance and target your movement development. This course will give you the tools and knowledge to address your strengths and work on your weaknesses, teaching you the necessary skills to get faster, slower, and more controlled while keeping a fluid calmness in your flow, using our system of 30 Transitions and 12 warm-ups you are sure to have a blast while connecting and learning with others.



Venue: Dynamic Care

Exact location: Unit 1502, 15/F, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

A perfect way to fully immerse yourself into the Movement Flow System.

Thursday, April 4th, 2024: 8:30 am – 16:30 pm

Friday, April 5th, 2024: 8:30 am – 16:30 pm

Saturday, April 6th, 2024: 8:30 am – 16:30 pm

Sunday, April 7th, 2024: 8:30 am – 16:30 pm

We know that traveling outside of your country can be a daunting task, this is why we help you every step of the way. From sending you travel information on how to get to and from the training, to organizing private group chats that help you stay connected to our team and the other participants. We even help you organize your stay while you are taking the course.

Keeping it simple and inexpensive Nowadays, with the fitness industry becoming one of the biggest manufacturers of equipment, it’s hard to know what to buy and what really works. We at Movement Flow believe that education should not be expensive. Nor should you need excessive amounts of tools to access your body’s natural abilities.

That’s why we say: keep it simple. Bring a pair of socks, some loose pants, a T-shirt you don’t mind rolling around in and you’ll be ready to go!

The Movement Flow System has a remarkable feature: by incorporating numerous ranges of motion and covering various topics, it enables your body to navigate scar tissue with ease and regularity. Consequently, the body gets an opportunity to heal itself.

This particular course is suitable for individuals at all levels of experience. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the course is physically rigorous and interactive. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you’ll be required to apply what you learn by incorporating it into your own physical practice. Therefore, be prepared to put in both mental and physical effort.

As long as you’re motivated and maintain a positive attitude, you’ll be absolutely fine. We’ve had participants ranging from professional dancers, martial artists, and acrobats to individuals in their sixties looking to revitalize their practice with movement.

The beauty of this discipline is that it’s multifaceted and can be adapted to different levels of skill with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you’ll be challenged and feel like you’re part of an incredible team who not only learn from one another but also support each other.

We’ll kick off our day with a morning session that includes Warm-Up Practice, Ground Flow, Body Balance, and Dynamic Flexibility. Once we wrap up the morning, it’s time for lunch! Enjoy an hour to grab a bite, relax, and socialize with fellow participants. Afterward, we’ll reconvene for the afternoon session, which covers Mind vs Matter, Mobility Training, Movement Flow, Soft Acrobatic, Patterning, Reaction Training, and End-Of-Day Integration.

Don’t worry if these training practices sound challenging; we guarantee they’re enjoyable, engaging, and designed to suit your skill level, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro!

Following the afternoon session, you’ll have free time to explore the stunning city, unwind, and build connections with the group while having a great time.

We recognize that personal attention is crucial for effective learning, which is why we’ve capped the number of participants at just 15 students. This ensures that everyone receives the individualized guidance they require.

If registration remain open meaning the payment buttons are accessible, you’re good to reserve your spot. Simply scroll down and select one of our payment options (Half Tuition or Full Tuition) to secure your place today.

Upon receiving your payment, we’ll promptly send you a heartfelt welcome letter, confirming your reservation for the upcoming training session.

As an exclusive bonus, we’re offering you FREE 30-day access to our Movement Flow App! Once downloaded, you’ll have full access to all Movement Flow tutorials (Levels 1 and 2), which include easy-to-understand progressions for each movement and transition. Additionally, you’ll enjoy access to bonus flexibility programs, a handstand course, a 4-week beginner training, and so much more, tailored just for you.

We understand everyone’s finances are different, which is why we created the half-tuition option. It allows you to hold your spot in the training and gives you time to pay the remainder a few days before the training begins. If you don’t have any means to pay we, also consider long-term instalments, but this is a special offer that you will have to contact us for directly.

Ground Flow

Ground Flow is a movement concept that emphasizes enhancing your interaction with the ground and any surface available. The practice teaches you how to use your environment to enrich your motion and create a seamless flow. Contemporary dance tools are utilized to help achieve this.

Body Balance

The Body Balance section focuses on mastering handstands, stabilizing your body in stillness, and learning how to balance on different surfaces. It is essential to have a strong sense of body balance for any movement practice, and this section will teach you the skills necessary to achieve it.

Soft Acrobatics

While acrobatics can be exciting and exhilarating, it can also be detrimental to the body. This is where the Soft Acrobatics section comes in. The section aims to recreate the adrenaline rush and excitement of performing acrobatic moves while minimizing the impact on the body. The focus is on fast and powerful moves that stay close to the ground.

Mind Control

The Mind Control section highlights the role of the mind in movement practice. Often, our minds can hold us back from achieving our full potential. This section will challenge your mental endurance, helping you experience what you are truly capable of.

Dynamic Flexibility

Dynamic Flexibility is an essential aspect of movement practice. This section delves deep into subjects such as muscle anatomy, loaded stretching, power versus limit, and active exits, to help you improve your range of motion and achieve a better understanding of your body’s capabilities.

Exit Strategies

In the Exit Strategies section, a variety of games and techniques are used to rewire your nervous system, making you vigilant and responsive to your environment. The practice will help you stay in the flow, and nothing will be able to stop you.

Full Tuition

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Half Tuition

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Payment Plan

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  • If you're looking for a budget-friendly choice, consider our monthly payment plan. With this option, you can spread your tuition fees over 10 months, paying only $76 each month until your tuition is fully covered.
Level 1 Movement Flow Training

Let's Get You Certified

As in many journeys the first step is the most important, in this Level 1 Movement Flow Training you will learn all the fundamental skills that make this practice so unique. After graduation you will receive an official certification which will open even more doors with in our school, so get ready we are about embark on this adventure together!

We stand behind our courses 100%

Your journey and well-being are of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to offering unwavering support. We acknowledge that life can be unpredictable, whether you encounter a family emergency requiring your immediate attention or face unexpected circumstances such as illness or travel constraints. In such situations, you will have the flexibility to choose between receiving a refund (prior to the course start date), subject to a 3% Stripe surcharge deduction (please note that this surcharge is non-refundable, as it is directed to Stripe and does not return to our business), or receiving a full credit towards future courses – the choice is entirely yours. Also please ensure you familiarize yourself with all our Policies, including the ones that come at a higher cost, before proceeding with your sign-up.


“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”
Quote by Carol Welch

Hear From Our Students

"Movement flow allows you to learn, grow and have fun while exploring new moves and creating beautiful flows. During the training you will build strength, flexibility and you will be able to explore and push limits of your mind and body."
Zuzana Stanková
"It was truly on of the best workshop I ever took. It challenged my mind and body in every possible way. Slava and the rest of the teaching team are amazing human beings. I am so proud and happy to be part of this community now."
Alireza Jambor
"The biggest part has being community. The people i've met, the friends and family i've made, it has no words. I am truly passionate about movement, it has always been a huge part of my life. So when i saw movement flow , i new i had to try it."
Kenia M Valtierra
"I am an office worker. But when I am doing Movement Flow, I can be an animal. I can be wild again. I love to move my body now. I would definitely recommend it to my friends but also, I want to keep the Movement Flow a secret, all to myself!"
Takeshi Hiratsuka
"If you're into fitness or simply want to get in touch with your body again this is perfect, the team is always ready to help and support! Definitely worth investing in, and exploring the Movement Flow System, don't wait do it today"
Janine Pezarro
South Africa
"A brilliant way to connect with your body for movers of any background and any age, or non movers wanting to try something entirely new! No matter what level you are at. Always making space for you if you can are will to put in the work."
Cypress Daws
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