Level 2

Beyond the - Basics

Welcome to the Level 2 Movement Flow training! If you’ve completed Level 1 and are eager to expand your skills, or if you’re on the path to becoming a certified teacher having completed your mentorship, this course is ideal for you.

Here, you’ll explore 19 new transitions, encompassing dynamic flexibility, soft acrobatics, hand balancing, and advanced flow creation. Ready to take the next step? Let’s get started!


To join this program, you should have completed the Level 1 Movement Flow training and passed the written test. This is for everyone – those on the student’s journey for personal growth or aspiring teachers who have also finished their mentorship.

In Level 2, you’ll take your skills from Level 1 to new heights. You’ll explore advanced versions of movements you’re already familiar with. For instance, if you’ve mastered the Spinning Kick, you’ll now progress to the Tornado Kick. The QDR Exit will transform into the Drape Roll, and a Cartwheel will evolve into an Amazonas. Think of Level 1 as laying the foundation for this advanced stage. Here, you’ll also learn to create your own unique flows, using all 49 movements in the Movement Flow System.

Slava Goloubov, the creator of the Movement Flow system, personally conducts the Level 2 trainings. He limits his sessions to 15 private trainees to maintain quality and integrity. Check the registration status on the website to see if spots are available. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, so be quick to secure your place, so if the payment options down below are not crossed out, there is still space.

The training spans 10 weeks. You can choose to have sessions once a week for an hour or twice a week, with each session lasting an hour. Throughout your training, you’ll have complete access to Slava for guidance and questions. Along with the sessions, you’ll receive assignments and homework to deepen your practice

This training is personalized. You can sign up alone, with a friend, or with your partner. If there’s a group training available, it’ll be announced on the website. As of now, it’s more of a one-on-one or small group setting.

You’ll need a bit more room for these exercises, but not as much as you might think. Many past students have successfully completed their training in their living room, simply by rearranging some furniture. An 8’x8′ space should suffice.

All sessions are held online via Google Meets, similar to Zoom. You have the option to record these sessions for later review, enhancing your learning experience.

The schedule is quite flexible. You and Slava will find the best times that work for both of you. All you need is an hour a week to dedicate to this training.


Slava Goloubov

Founder of Movement Flow

With over 12 years of experience teaching in more than 20 countries, is deeply committed to bringing physical education to all who are curious and eager to understand their body’s potential. His journey has been rich and diverse: learning Capoeira from Brazilian masters, exploring acrobatics across Europe, performing in the circus, and even training with Shaolin monks in China. By integrating the best knowledge and wisdom from each discipline, he has created the Movement Flow System. At the heart of Slava’s mission is a sincere desire to make physical education accessible and understandable for everyone.

Level 2 Movement Flow
Advance Your Skills


Starting the Level 2 certification is about more than just learning new movements. It’s a journey filled with hard work and discipline, where you’ll explore and develop new skills. You’ll gain deeper self-awareness and a better understanding of your physical capabilities. This training offers practical benefits like improved flexibility, strength, coordination, and the ability to create your own movement sequences. Additionally, completing this level brings you one step closer to becoming a fully certified teacher, capable of conducting your own Level 1 Movement Flow Trainings. It’s a unique opportunity to advance your skills, knowledge, and teaching potential. So, let’s begin this rewarding training journey together!

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Full Tuition

$ 1000
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  • You’ve read everything you need, your are excited and want to make the investment today. Fantastic let’s get you registered, and ready for the Level 2 Movement Flow Training!

Half Tuition

$ 500
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  • If you don't have the full funds available but don't want to miss out, we have a solution for you. You can reserve your place by making a partial payment and rest before we start. This way, you can still reserve your spot today.

Payment Plan

$ 100
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  • If you're looking for a budget-friendly choice, consider our monthly payment plan. With this option, you can spread your tuition fees over 10 months, paying only $100 each month until your tuition is fully covered.
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