3 weekends / Saturday & Sunday /July 2-17/ from the comfort of your home

Take your next step in the Movement Flow journey and join us in this Level 2 Training


  • DO YOU want to improve your acrobatics and learn the trade secrets that will give you the tools to succeed?

  • DO YOU want to cool new skills that will spice up your existing Movement Flow practice and give an edge to your flows?

  • DO YOU want to get stronger, more flexible, better coordination, better balance, and better body mastery?

  • DO YOU want personalized coaching, that will guarantee your safety while guiding your new limits of what you thought you can do?


Including Easy Step-By-Step Progressions for Every Movement (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED) 

✔️ Get Stronger, More Flexible, Better Coordination, and Better Balance ALL At The Same Time.

✔️ Heal Injuries and Resolve Sources of Pain through Full-Range Of Motion Movements.

✔️ Take Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health To The Next Level Through Connection With Your Body

✔️ Discover How Easy It Is To Learn New Movements That Seemed Impossible Before.

✔️ No Need for Expensive Equipment just Your Body and Willingness to train. 

✔️ No Age Restriction.

Who Will You Learn From?

Slava Goloubov


Level 2 you will build upon those foundations and learn to orient yourself through space to flip and fly with power and grace. The Macaco, one of our featured Mono-Arm Transitions, is a prime example of a powerful reversed inversion flip that builds from the cartwheel, yet a much more spicy expression.

Flexible Spine

One of the most exciting Level 2 Category evolutions is the Matrix variations. Such movements include Pancake Flip, Twist Around, and Drape Roll. To some, a deep wheel is the end of their backhanding journey, in Movement Flow, it is only the beginning.

Ground Flow

In the Level 2 Training new transitions such as U-Turn and Infinity Loop — an evolution of Open Door — these are ground-based movements that will test not only your proprioception, but also your fluidity, strength, and total body awareness

When & Where & What to Bring?

Giving you plenty of time to integrate and recover and dive right back in. 
Week 1
July 2nd: 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
July 3rd: 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
July 6th: 2hrs review session time 9.00 am
Week 2
July 9th: 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
July 10th: 3hrs 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
July 13th: 2hrs review session time 9.00 am
Week 3
July 16th: 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
July 17th: 3hrs main session time 9.00 am
This training will take place 9 am in the UK time zone
Exact location: Zoom Platform-Link to the training will be sent to you via email prior to the start of each day.
What to Bring: Bring a pair of socks, some loose pants, and a T-shirt you don’t mind rolling around in and you’ll be ready to go!


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"Movement Flow is an exciting way to combine a lot of different disciplines into one beautifully crafted method. You will have a blast at the Level 2 Movement Flow Training."

Bibi Marin


movement flow training session

"After taking Level 1 in person, I must admit I was hesitant about taking level 2 online but decided to go for it and honestly distance and screens were not a problem at all.
Slava is such a skilled teacher that everything ran smoothly and ended up loving flowing in my own space.
Definitely worth taking if you want to level up your skills and flows."

Kalinda Kano


private movement flow coach

"Through the  Level 2 Movement Flow Training I have explored new possibilities of how to move my body in ways i never imagined, if your thinking of taking the course you should definitely DO IT!"

Rachel Kermeen


movement flow online classes

"Level 2 is an excellent step after finishing your level 1 as it will upgrade your movement and expand your movement vocabulary. it's a great way to start expressing yourself and creating your style."

Dyala Al Sabbagh


private movement flow trainer

"Through the  Level 2 Movement Flow Training I have explored new possibilities of how to move my body in ways i never imagined, if your thinking of taking the course you should definitely DO IT!"

Lin Dondon


"A brilliant way to connect with your body for movers of any back round, or non movers wanting to try something entirely new! No matter what level you are at. Always making space for you if you can are will to put in the work."

Cypress Daws-Knowles


How You Can Reserve Your Spot:


We limit the number of people who can join this event to 10 people to make sure that everybody gets enough 1-on-1 attention. 

If there are still spots left, you can simply click on the button below and reserve your spot now.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I qualified to take the level two training?

There are no prerequisites for this training except to work hard, having a good foundation from the Level 1 will definitely help, so if you have a good attitude and you were willing to put in the time, the 3 weeks will be more than enough for you to learn and integrate the Level 2 curriculums into your body.


How do I prepare for the Level 2 Movement Flow Training?

We would highly recommend for you to visit the Movement Flow app and go through each transition in the Level 2 series to familiarize yourself with the material. And revisiting transitions like the Matrix, Cartwheels, and the Kicks will definitely prepare you for the upcoming training.

I can’t afford to pay the full tuition right away, are there other options?
We understand everyone’s finances are different, which is why we created the half-tuition option. It allows you to hold your spot in the training and gives you time to pay the remainder a few days before the training begins. If you don’t have any means to pay we, also consider long-term instalments, but this is a special offer that you will have to contact us for directly.