Designed specifically for those who intend to teach/certify students in this system of Movement. Refining your skills as a teacher and learning key elements that will be crucial to your development. After completing both the Level 1 & 2 training courses you will be more than ready to take on this final challenge, and call yourself an official Movement Flow Teacher and come one step closet to hosting your own Level 1 Movement Flow Trainings

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Let's UPgrade your Practice

For some movers, the passion for practice will grow into a desire to teach, and that is exactly why we created the Level 3 training. In order for you to become a Movement Flow Instructor, you will first re-visit and become very well acquainted with the Level 1 system materials, from cueing to the anatomy of the movements, regressions, and injury prevention. But that is truly only the top layer of Level 3. 
Becoming a fun, trustworthy, and confident Movement Flow instructor requires more than just a deep knowledge of the Movement Flow Level 1 system. You must understand how to address sticky scenarios, and be able to see clearly when a student or private client is struggling or moving in a way that could cause injury, Therefore,  you will be exposed to several scenarios to test your knowledge and adaptability on the fly in a group setting. We will also dissect the Movement Flow Warm-Up and the entire Level 1 system with laser-like precious so that you know the system like the back of your hand. 
As an instructor of any Movement modality, the energy we bring to our classes, workshops, and private sessions can really make or break the whole experience. In Teacher Training  you will be exposed to many group games that will test your student’s minds, uplift their spirits, and serve as priceless tools for when group energy is dipping and requiring a much-needed pick-me-up. 
Encompassing movement skills from almost every discipline, Movement Flow exists powerfully on each end of the movement spectrum. At one end, the Level 1 system will give your students the tools to upgrade their movement practice like no other system, yet at the same time without keen and intelligent guidance the potential of injury exists. In Level 3, we will cover the risks and common mistakes most often seen when executing all of the Level 1 Movements. 
After graduating from the Teacher Training, not only will your understanding of the Level 1 system be bulletproof, but your overall understanding and outlook on the moving human body will expand to much greater and more profound heights.

NOTE: Although a large portion of this training is theory-based in its foundation, you’ll also be refining your Level 1 and Level 2 Movement practice. Come ready to move your body, and to test the edges of your body and mind! 

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