**Level 1 Course**

Embark on your journey with our Level 1 course. Learn 31 foundational movements that will redefine your understanding of fitness. Designed for everyone, this course introduces a multitude of flow combinations. No prior experience is required, just a readiness to learn and grow.

**Level 2 Course**

Expand your movement vocabulary with our Level 2 course. Adding 18 new movements to your repertoire, this course takes your training up a notch. Dive into more complex flows, honing your strength, flexibility, and balance with our expert guidance.

**Teacher Training**

Become a certified Movement Flow instructor (who can officially teach classes and workshops) with our Teacher Training course. Learn how to teach effectively, tackle pain, and improve physical and mental capabilities. Begin your teaching journey today, empowering others to find their strength, flexibility, and balance.

On signing up for any course, you’ll receive 30 days of free access to the Movement Flow App with tutorials for all Level 1 and Level 2 movements and more.

To explore each Level in detail, click on the course image. More about our upcoming trainings can be found in the menu above.

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Movement Flow