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Finished Level 1 and eager to grow further? Our Mentorship Program is tailored for you! Join our global team of over 50 teachers from 15 countries, and deepen your journey into teaching our unique Movement Flow system.

This program is your fast track to leading engaging, safe, and effective classes. Ready for the next step? Sign up and turn your passion for Movement Flow into a thriving career!


Before starting, you’ll need to send us a video demonstrating your ability to perform specific movements. We understand that some movements like the QDR Exit, Handstand and Headstand can be challenging, so we accept easier versions of these. However, for the other movements, please perform the variations as shown in the application. This approach ensures that while we accommodate your current skill level, we also maintain a standard for the program. Your video submission will help us gauge your readiness for our mentorship program. Send your videos to our official email: themovementflow@gmail.com

After completing the program, a world of teaching opportunities opens up for you. You’ll be fully prepared to conduct classes, host workshops, and run retreats. Plus, you’ll have the skills to offer personalized, one-on-one sessions. This variety allows you to connect with a diverse range of students and tailor your teaching to different needs and settings.

The program spans either six or twelve weeks, based on whether you choose weekly or biweekly sessions. Each session lasts 1 hour, comprising five sessions with Iris and one final session with Slava. Alongside these, there will be regular check-ins throughout the week. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need during your training. Iris is committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that you have a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. These sessions are not only about imparting knowledge but also about practicing and refining your skills with constant guidance and feedback.

We understand the challenge of coordinating across time zones and strive to find the most convenient times for our sessions. By working collaboratively, we can schedule sessions that are mutually agreeable, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you can access our mentorship effectively.

This program is designed to enrich your understanding of movement techniques and teaching methodologies. You’ll learn how to engage students, create dynamic lesson plans, and adjust your approach to suit various learning styles. By the end, you’ll have the confidence and skills to lead sessions that are both informative and inspiring, making a lasting impact on your students.

Throughout this journey, you’ll be guided by Slava Goloubov, he will provide you with personalized feedback, share their rich experiences, and help you develop your unique teaching style. The mentorship is invaluable, offering insights that you can apply to your own classes and personal growth.

Having a comfortable space where you can freely move is key. If your home doesn’t offer enough room, consider other options like renting a studio space. Many gyms, yoga studios, and dance studios offer spaces that can be used for such purposes. This flexibility ensures that you can fully participate in the program, regardless of your home environment.

Your investment in the program is $550, divided into two payments. The first payment of $460 for the main five sessions. The second payment of $95 covers your graduation and final exam with the founder of the Movement Flow system Slava. These payments are due upon signing up for the program. This cost includes all the resources, personalized training, and support you’ll receive throughout your journey.


Slava Goloubov

Founder of Movement Flow

With over 12 years of experience teaching in more than 20 countries, is deeply committed to bringing physical education to all who are curious and eager to understand their body’s potential. His journey has been rich and diverse: learning Capoeira from Brazilian masters, exploring acrobatics across Europe, performing in the circus, and even training with Shaolin monks in China. By integrating the best knowledge and wisdom from each discipline, he has created the Movement Flow System. At the heart of Slava’s mission is a sincere desire to make physical education accessible and understandable for everyone.

Movement Unites

Join us and become a valuable member of our international teaching team, which proudly includes over 50 dedicated educators from more than 15 different countries.

Our mission goes beyond teaching; it’s about connecting people from all walks of life through the universal language of movement. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to this dynamic environment, learn from colleagues around the world, and help students discover the joy and benefits of movement. Whether you’re guiding a beginner or inspiring an experienced learner, your role in this journey is crucial.

We’re not just a group of teachers; we’re a family united by a passion for making a difference in the lives of our students.

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Mentorship Tuition

5 Private Sessions
$ 460
  • Learn the Essentials: Dive into all 30 transitions, understanding each one. Techniques and Tips: Iris will show you how to break down each transition and give you the skills for leading classes and workshops. Hands-On Guidance: Get personal insights and methods to enhance your teaching style.

Graduation session

Final Exam Session
$ 95
  • Exam Preparation: Gear up for the final written exam with a study session. Take the Test: The final exam will be conducted by Slava Goloubov, the founder of the Movement Flow system. Earn Your Certificate: Passing this exam is your key to completing the mentorship and receiving your teacher certificate.
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