Reconnecting With Yourself

Learn how the Movement Flow System can enrich your life.

“We all want to play, and come back to a simpler time, a time when exploring was at the centre of our lives”

Shivani Samdani Author/Teacher

Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

To be in the flow means making yourself fluid like water. When you flow, you engage the deepest of muscles and range of motions. This workout style requires nothing except a floor. It’s the base where we started. As kids, the floor was the space where we learned everything. From our first fall to our first roll to our first steps. It’s going back to the basics and reconnecting with those experiences and – recreating the inner happiness of how we felt as children. You not only enjoy the playfulness of this style, but it also makes you curious like a child. It makes you move in a different way and from a different perspective. You are always open and eager to learn, to try new things, and leave all your hesitation behind. 


Movement Flow is a practice that gives you the sense of belonging to something larger than yourself. What makes it interesting is that like our breath, our movements start as we step into the world. From the first lift of the finger to first opening our eyes – it’s all movement. We are all made to move. That’s why we say Movement Flow is for every person – it’s for everybody, for every age group. You lose track of time and burn your calories without realizing. And it leaves you with a big smile, always. That’s the positivity of this style. And isn’t this what we are all looking for in life? It’s an injury-free style of workout, as well as super creative and artistic. A flow state is a state of bliss. You move to express, to perform, you move with your heart and soul in it. It’s not just a workout, it’s way bigger than that. 



Benefits of Specific Movements on the Floor:

Floor Rolls: A lot of movement workouts include you rolling on the floor. And who doesn’t love that? We all loved it as kids. As we grow up, our movements keep getting stiffer and more restricted. We end up losing the experience of joy in our movements.

This style brings it all back. It gives you inner happiness and fills you up with immense joy. 

Splits: Well, we can all agree splits have always looked super sexy and sassy. Being able to do splits all your life, wouldn’t that be amazing? A lot of movements include various splits and their progressions. The benefits of splits are endless. And it’s a great exercise for our hip flexors. 



How Movement Flow Helps Develop Strength: 

Movement Flow looks very fluid. The transitions come with a lot of ease. But don’t be confused by that. Like every style of workout, Movement Flow also has its set of movements that help you build strength. You won’t see us doing reps after reps of push-ups or pull-ups. But movements like forwarding rolls, cartwheels, handstands – all help you build strength. 


Our Whole Life Revolves around the Word “Energy”:

We all have different energies and when we learn to use them the right way, they change our lives. The whole system of Movement Flow also revolves around energy. You learn that it’s not about how strong you are, how flexible you are, nor how heavy or light you are. These are all benefits that work as add-ons. This system teaches you how to use your energy while moving from one move to another. When you flow, you put all your energy into it. Your brain is 100% conscious and involved. You learn to focus. Your body engages the deepest of muscles.


Article written by Shivani Samdani

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